Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Suzie's Family Restaurant

Another weekend, another diner excursion for Mr. H and me. This time, we stopped into a restaurant not too far from home.
Suzie's Family Restaurant on Memphis Avenue. It used to be a Taco Bell, so the exterior and interior both reflect that. There is plenty of parking in the large parking lot next to the building.

The inside of the restaurant is unusual. There is an "upper" level that includes the kitchen and dining area, and then you take a few steps down to another section of seating.
This area puts you actually underground a bit, with a real sidewalk-level view.
The menu was small, and pretty basic. Not a lot of interesting options here, except maybe the Good Ole Smokey and Eggs.
I stuck with my diner classic of two eggs over-medium, wheat toast, bacon, and home fries ($2.95).
It was okay, but nothing special. The eggs were a hair under-cooked, potatoes barely crispy, and the toast was soggy. We also ordered a croissant to share, and it arrived with mold on it. Gross!

So, it was fun to check out another diner, but this one won't be making it back into rotation.

What's your favorite diner in the Greater Cleveland area?

Suzie's Family Restaurant
6212 Memphis Avenue
Cleveland, OH