Monday, August 17, 2015

Bomba Tacos and Rum

Bomba Tacos and Rum opened in Rocky River recently. From the same folks behind the popular Paladar Latin Kitchen, people have flocked to this casual premium taco restaurant. The wait can get a tad long, and they don't take reservations, so be prepared. However, I suggest grabbing yourself a Pomegranate Ginger Mojito while you wait.
The focus of the menu are tacos and shareable snacks, but they do have a build-your-own guacamole section, house made salsas, three salads, four large plates, five sandwiches, and sides. Judging from the amount of families that we saw dining there, I'd say that this is a kid-friendly spot despite having "rum" in its name.

I'd love to see some suggested combinations for the build-your-own guacamole ($5.50 + additional toppings). It was a little overwhelming to choose when we were put on the spot by our server, but she made a suggestion of bacon, goat cheese, and black beans, so we went with it. The guacamole is served with yucca, plantain, malanga, and corn chips. Having the variety was something different, and enjoyed. It was good, but Momocho does it better.

They suggest 3-4 tacos per person. I decided on the Roasted Pork Al Pastor (left), Chorizo and Potato (center) and Crispy Shrimp (right). They are $3 - $4 each.
The Crispy Shrimp, with jalapeno, mango, and a roasted garlic aioli was my favorite. They were all quite messy, as a taco should be, but the tray was helpful in keeping the mess contained. I also appreciated that extra napkins are stashed at each table.

I can't help but compare Bomba to local favorite, Barrio. I'd say that Barrio's tacos are a tad better, and I love the build-your-own system that they use. I'd like to see Bomba offer at least a small section of create-your-own tacos. My friend asked if she could leave the roasted red peppers off one of the tacos she wanted, and our server was hesitant to ask the kitchen. The answer ended up being no, so she had to order a different one.

Judging from the line out the door when we left at 7:30, this restaurant will probably do well in Rocky River.

Bomba Tacos and Rum
19880 Detroit Road
Rocky River, OH 44116