Monday, September 28, 2015

A CLE Weekend

Today's a big day at work, so I purposely didn't make any commitments for the weekend. I also needed to blow off some steam and distract myself from the task at hand, so that led to a really great, unplanned weekend, full of fun in Cleveland.

We've had a busy summer, and somehow the Night Market Cleveland had come and gone over the last couple of months, and we hadn't been able to attend the once-a-month street festival. But, that changed on Friday.
It was the last one of the season, but I heard from other festival-goers that this one was the biggest yet, so hopefully that means good things for next summer. Located near East 21st and Rockwell Avenue, in the heart of AsiaTown, the event brings Asian flare to an evening street festival.

We got to sample small plates of food new-to-us, like Lumpia from Carabao.
The lines got long after 7:30PM, so I needed to get out of there after a bit. I found sanctuary on Graffiti: A Social Kitchen's patio. Still one of the best in town.

Saturday morning, we woke up with no plans for the day. Mr. H said "What do you want to do for fun today?" and I replied "Clean the house, get the laundry done, and trim back the bushes for fall." No joke, real conversation. Clearly, he is the more conventional "fun" one. Thankfully, we balance each other out, and he suggested an outing on the Goodtime III. An item on my Cleveland bucket list!
It was a gorgeous day in CLE, and the views from the boat were stunning.
A watery Bloody Mary and two hours on a boat; I was fully relaxed and enjoying the afternoon.
Sunday brought us another CLE outing. This time, to the Ohio City Street Festival.
We listed to some live music, grabbed a crab cake from Kate's Fish, and shared sliders from Nano Brew.
These were so tasty!

We wanted to catch the Browns game (I'm not sure why), so we headed down Bridge Avenue to The Black Pig. They were having a Big Bloody Black Pig Roast, with spicy, and awesome, Bloody Mary drinks and loads of pork.
This weekend was just what I needed. Gorgeous weather, festivals, exploring good food, and being out with other Clevelanders taking advantage of our great city. It's weekends like this that make me fall in love with CLE just a little bit more.

Hope that you enjoyed your weekend as well! Now, wish me luck on raising lots of funds for liver patients this evening. It's our annual Flavors of Northeast Ohio gala.