Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Mr. H and I have been trying to soak in the last days of sunny weather in Cleveland before the grey skies settle in. That quest recently took us down to The Flats for lunch. Thankfully, we have several new restaurant options along the river. But, we decided to head to Shooter's on the Water.
I'd never eaten there. Just spent a few drunken nights there in my 20's. But, it has one of the best locations on the Cuyahoga River for boat-watching and soaking up water views...
...and Downtown views.
Sadly, even the views can't save the food there.

Isn't this the most depressing-looking plate of fish tacos that you've ever seen?
Not only were they bland, the filling didn't even come close to the size of the tortilla used, and the tortilla was stale...but they left a funky after-taste behind. Never a good thing.

Mr. H had a Cuban that was much better than my tacos, but still never worth returning for.
What a waste of waterfront space.
The placement and atmosphere have such potential. I would have been content with even average food, but those tacos were downright nasty.

Shooters on the Water
1148 Main Road
Cleveland, OH


bonnjill said...

Yeah, Shooters is worse than Merwin's Wharf when it comes to food. Stick to a burger next time. Something basic they can't screw up. Those fish tacos look terrible.