Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Saturday's SouperBowl CLE

A really great event is taking place this Saturday, November 7th from noon - 3:00 p.m. in the Gordon Square Arts District of Cleveland. The inaugural SouperBowl CLE will feature tasting portions of soups crafted by more than 20 of Cleveland's independent restaurants. This time of year just begs for soup!
The soup tastings will be scattered throughout neighborhood businesses. Attendees will act as judges as they spend the afternoon visiting the local businesses, and then they will vote by text for their favorite soups in various categories, including the prestigious title of "Best Soup in Cleveland." The winning restaurants will be awarded plaques to display in their businesses, with the “Best Soup in Cleveland” winner taking home the trophy.

Tickets are only $25, and they are available to purchase online here. Proceeds from this event will benefit the West Side Catholic Center.

Since 1977, the West Side Catholic Center has offered hot meals, hospitality, clothing and household goods, emergency services, advocacy, a women and children's shelter, and a housing solutions program to those in need at no charge, regardless of religious affiliation. WSCC depends on the generosity of the community. This does not only mean cash donations but a healthy in-kind donation program. Each year in December, actually the only time of the year, WSCC distributes NEW socks and underwear to those in need in the community. Over 1,500 men, women and children benefit from this annual distribution. 

Check-in for the SouperBowl CLE event is at the Cleveland Public Theater. This is a family-friendly event.

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Nothing to disclose here. I have no affiliation with the event. I just think it's a great, inexpensive, event that is fun for all ages. Everyone loves soup! You get to explore the Gordon Square Arts District neighborhood, sample a wide variety of soups from 20+ restaurants like Cleveland Vegan, The Flying Fig, Graffiti: A Social Kitchen, Happy Dog, Melt, Souper Market, Toast, Tremont Tap House, and proceeds will benefit a worthy local charity. What's not to like about this event? Get your spoon ready, and come taste some soup on Saturday.