Monday, January 11, 2016

The Jarrett Family

If you have followed my blog for a while, then you have probably caught on that Jeff Jarrett is one of my favorite Cleveland chefs. I met him during his North End Wine Bar days, was thrilled to see him take the helm at AMP 150 for years, and have been excited to support him in his newest gig as General Manager/Executive Chef for the Hub 55 Project that is revitalizing the 55th Street and St. Clair neighborhood. He is literally at every culinary event that Mr. H and I attend around town, with his hands in everything, and constantly giving back to the community. Including the monthly Dinner in the Dark chef series, which he co-founded with chef Brian Okin, that donates a portion of each event's proceeds to a local charity.

Over the years, I've grown to consider him a good friend, and I've enjoyed following his family's story. You see, he and his wife, Tammy, are high school sweethearts. After having three sons, they decided to start the adoption process. Since 2008, the Jarrett family has opened their home to two little precious girls, both with unique special needs. You can read more about their story on Tammy's blog here.

Their story is full of challenges and obstacles, but their love and spirit have persevered. The family is moving forward with the adoption process once again, with possibly two special needs children from China.

The adoption process can be lengthy, and quite costly. I have much admiration for anyone that chooses that path. It's not easy.

But, you can help this family.

To raise funds to aid in the adoption, Chef Jeff is raffling off his culinary services! He will come cook a Valentines's Day dinner for two in the winner's home. Tickets are just $10, or 3 entries for $20. For each additional $10 donation, you will gain one more entry into the raffle.

To enter the Valentine's Day raffle, visit Tammy's blog and use the Donate button in the right-hand column. Make sure that you leave a comment on the blog post with your name and donation amount, so that they can easily track the entries.

The winner will be announced on February 7th.

Please consider supporting the family in their journey towards adoption for the third, and fourth, time. I am humbled by their love for one another, and their drive to expand their family with these children that so desperately need it.

Thank you for supporting one of Cleveland's best chefs, and my friend, that has personally and professionally given so much back to the community. It's our turn.