Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ginko in Tremont

I have no clue why it took us this long, but Mr. H and I only recently visited Dante Boccuzzi's restaurant, Ginko, in Tremont for the first time. We live close by, we love sushi, we enjoy Dante's other should have been a no-brainer.

But, I think we were saving it for a special occasion, and January brought us that perfect opportunity. Mr. H's birthday wish was for the two of us to finally dine at Ginko.

We both agreed that the best way to taste what the restaurant was truly about was to order the Ginko Omakase Tasting (6 course chef's tasting menu- $79 per person).

The meal started with braised yellowtail cheek, also an appetizer special that evening.
Then, another evening special of one of the largest clams that I've ever seen! It was cooked and cut into small bites, to make it easier to eat.
The next course was a variety of sashimi, including raw shrimp, which led to...
...fried shrimp heads once we had eaten the body. A perfect crunch, and I loved the wasabi salt that was served with them. I did avoid eating the eyes though.
We then slurped some traditional miso soup. No spoons recommended here!
Our last fish course of the meal was a variety of sushi with pressed rice. I traded my eel (far left) with Mr. H for his tuna. I won't eat eel (there's a story), but I loved the rest of it.
We ended the meal with a refreshing green tea cheesecake, and a birthday candle for the birthday boy!
Overall, it was a special way to celebrate his birthday. Service was great, and we loved watching the sushi chefs prepare the food over the counter. It's a very small place, with almost every table having front-row seating to the prep work. You can also saddle up to the sushi bar to get up close and personal with your fish.

We did get to try a few items that you won't find at your average sushi joint, and the quality of fish certainly can't be beat at Ginko. However, for rolls, I'll still stick with Mizu Sushi in Parma. For the price point, Ginko should be reserved for a special treat, not to satisfy your common sushi craving.

2247 Professor Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113


Kristian said...

The far left actually looks like eel instead of mackerel.

It all looks very delicious! I need to get back there!

Bite Buff said...

Kristian- You're totally right! It was on another dish. I did not eat the eel as well, so I think that's why it stuck in my head that I didn't eat the one of the far left. I made the adjustment to the blog post. Thanks!