Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gyro Spot

I was sooo excited when Mr. H heard that the former Fergie's in Parma was opening as Gyro Spot. We'd been in mourning since it closed. It was hands-down the BEST gyro in Greater Cleveland.

A co-worker of Mr. H's had stopped in to the new bar, and reported back that the gyro was just as good as he remembered. Sadly, it's not true.

Mr. H and I stopped in there on Saturday. The renovated bar and kitchen space is much improved. Lighter, brighter, open, and more seating.
We perched on some bar stools, right in front of the main event.
I was salivating at this point.

I didn't need a menu...
...bring me a gyro!

Immediately, we could tell that the "original Fergie's recipe" that they were boasting on their website is a lie. The sauce was thicker, chunkier, and didn't come close to the wonderful tang that the original had.
The meat was nicely seasoned, and had a lovely crisp to it from the rotating spits. However, Fergie's was allllllll about the sauce, and this sauce? Not the same. Also, my pita was slightly stale and immediately split when I picked it up (after eating quite a bit of the meat off this plentiful sandwich first).

This gyro may still be a step above others around town, but it's no Fergie's. Maybe they'll tweak the sauce, and it'll improve? One can hope, because I'm still jonesing for an original.

Gyro Spot Bar + Grill
5587 Ridge Road
Parma, OH