Friday, June 3, 2016

Tremont's Tandul

I'm still on the hunt for my favorite Indian restaurant in the Cleveland area. I may not have found it in Tremont's new Tandul, but I did find something else that I'd been looking Indian restaurant with a buffet available other than weekday lunch.

I was first exposed to Indian cuisine at a charming little hole-in-the-wall in Syracuse that had a huge buffet on Sunday evenings. That's how I was able to sample many dishes, and discover my favorites. I've been looking for something similar to take Mr. H to in Cleveland, since Indian isn't his favorite cuisine. I'd like him to be able to try a wide variety of dishes, instead of being stuck with what I always order for us to share.

Last Saturday, I met a group of girlfriends for lunch at the newly opened Tandul on Professor Avenue. The smells were intoxicating in that place, and we all couldn't resist the lunch buffet. It was small, but still allowed us to try a handful of dishes. The lunch buffet is offered daily, including weekends.
For my personal taste, I would have liked a higher spice level. But, the food was all enjoyable, and I do like their naan.

Mr. H and I also recently had takeout from Tandul, and I had my first Garlic Cheese Naan with the cheese baked right in. Heavenly. 

I liked the food both times, but I'm not ready to declare it in the running for my favorite Indian restaurant in town. I feel like I need to give it one more try, and order a dish to my preferred heat level. I was also conservative with my spice level when we ordered takeout, and it just didn't have the heat that I love from a good strong curry sauce.

Good news for those that haven't made it over to Tremont yet. You can have Tandul delivered to your door through Skip the Dishes and GrubHub.

Tandul Indian Restaurant and Bar
2505 Professor Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113