Thursday, July 14, 2016

Cleveland Dining Bucket List

In 2013, I shared with you my "Cleveland Bucket List" of things that I still wanted to do, see, and eat around our city. I've ticked a few off of the list, but still have many to go. But, I've been thinking recently...what's on my Cleveland DINING Bucket List? 

Over the years, there have been events that I've wanted to attend, dishes that I've desired to try, etc. So, here's the list that I've been working on. It includes a handful of items that were originally on the list that I've now experienced, and several more that I still need to do.

Cleveland Dining Bucket List:
- Schedule a private 21-course tasting dinner at Dante in Tremont
- Complete the official Tour de Bruell by dining at his 6 signature restaurants between Memorial Day and Labor Day
- Eat a Polish Boy at Hot Sauce Williams
- Attend the annual Reggae Brunch event at Park View Nite Club
- Attend a Gospel Brunch event at House of Blues
- Order Le Burger (hand-ground beef burger prepared tableside) at EDWINS
- Attend a Gourmets in the Garden event at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens (June - August)
- Attend a Culinary Vegetable Institute dinner event in Milan, Ohio
- Order the Caneton de Rouen à la Presse (pressed duck for two) at EDWINS
- Participate in the new AsiaTown Food Tour Series
- Attend a Fifth Quarter Dinner event at The Greenhouse Tavern
- Dine at Chez Francois in Vermilion 
- Order the Roasted Pig's Head at The Greenhouse Tavern
- Attend a Plated Landscape Dinner from Spice of Life Catering Co.

I had fun putting some thought into this.

What's on your Cleveland Dining Bucket List? What dish, restaurant, or event is quintessential Cleveland?