Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Lakewood's Borderline Cafe

Mr. H and I haven't been to brunch in a while, so that was our goal this weekend. But...where to go? That's always the tough decision. Cleveland just has so many solid brunch options. Well, we tried a new-to-us restaurant in Lakewood...Borderline Cafe on Detroit Avenue by the West End Tavern.

It's a small cash-only cafe, with Southwest twists on many classic breakfast dishes. Immediately, I loved the hot sauce display on the wall by the entrance.
Something like this could be really fun in a home kitchen for displaying spices and sauces.

They have a section of the menu dedicated to their most popular items, and we were both enticed by two dishes. So, we shared!

First, the Huevos Rancheros Carnitas ($9.50) with a flour tortilla, house made roasted pork, eggs your way (we did over-medium), black beans and served Christmas-style with sour cream and scallion.
A dash of hot sauce, and this dish was really good. The pork was a unique twist on huevos rancheros.

We also shared the Bacon Avocado Benedict ($9.50) with a toasted English muffin, house made guacamole, tomato, bacon, poached egg, chipotle lime sauce, and fresh cilantro with a side of fruit.
We slightly preferred this dish, but both were a little unique and truly hit the spot on Sunday morning.

A great find in Lakewood, and one that I'd certainly recommend! The staff was also super friendly, even though the place was slammed.

Borderline Cafe
18510 Detroit Avenue
Lakewood, OH