Wednesday, September 21, 2016

REBol Tasting

The folks at the newly opened REBol in Downtown Cleveland invited me in to do a tasting of their menu. Owned by the group behind Townhall, I was happy to accept, and was interested in seeing what their new fast-casual concept on Public Square was all about.
Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, their menu focuses on building your own "bol" of ingredients. There is a handful of tables, bar stools, and outdoor picnic table dining available. A lot of takeout is done as well, since it's situated in a hub of Downtown business.
You can also enjoy pourover organic coffee...
...alcohol (including the Underwood rose in a can that I'm recently enjoying)...
...and locally made Old City Soda.
In addition to being able to build your own bol, the menu has 8 signature rebols, 3 broth bols, and side dishes for lunch and dinner. Breakfast focuses on some egg sandwiches and pastries (locally made). For the tasting, we were provided with three of their signature rebols to sample.

Tuna Poke ($9) with sticky rice, harissa yogurt, papaya slaw, spiced cashew, scallion, and sunshine tumeric vin.
Pulled Pork ($7.50) with sticky rice, cabbage slaw, soda BBQ, jalapeno, and toasted sesame.
REBol Chicken ($7.50) with sticky rice, tikka masala, kale slaw, and scallion.
Each one was truly done well, with plenty of flavor and freshness. Each is served with wonton chips, and they made a great vessel. It was a lot of food for under $10, and I'd happily order any of the three again. The Pulled Pork was the standout though. Truly, the only thing that I didn't care for was the papaya slaw side with the Tuna Poke. It just wasn't as interesting as the other sides.

When you build your own, you can use sticky rice, salad, zoodles, or miracle noodles as a base.

We weren't quite done though. We were offered a Peanut Butter + Honey Milkshake ($7.50). Quite full from our meal, we asked to split one.
I immediately regretted my decision. This milkshake was INSANE. I've seriously had dreams about it since last week. I need another one, soon.

Luckily, they are working on a food delivery partnership, and expect to have one established shortly. Townhall has been a go-to for us when ordering out and craving something healthier than pizza or Chinese (via Now, we'll have to add REBol into the rotation.

The restaurant offers speed, fresh ingredients (non-GMO, organic), and a great price point. Dining Deals Alert! Go check it out for yourself, and spend some time in the newly refreshed Public Square too.

101 West Superior Avenue
Public Square
Cleveland, OH 44113

Disclosure: I was provided with all food and drink in exchange for this post. All opinions stated are 100% my own.