Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Arcadian Food and Drink

Sometimes, you just have to visit a restaurant twice to truly get a handle on your impression, and to see if each experience is similar, or if it varies. This time, it varied, and that ended up being a really good thing.

I went to the newly opened Arcadian Food & Drink in Gordon Square with two friends recently. Instantly, you're impressed with the stunning interior. Three years in the making, and there's certainly a lot of attention to detail.

We were perched above the bar, with a nice view down from the second floor. It was a little quieter up there, and better for our gab fest, but you could still hear the buzz from the main floor.
The Tomato Salad (already no longer on the menu) must have sounded good, because all three of us ordered it, and another friend that I ran into downstairs has also ordered it.
I enjoyed the addition of dill to this salad, and the tomatoes still had some great summer flavor to them.

One of my friends ordered the steak (also no longer on the menu, but she liked it), and two of us ordered the Fried Chicken ($23) with hot sauce, cole slaw, and cornbread muffins (sides have changed on the new menu).
On social media, everyone had been raving about the Fried Chicken. Honestly, I was disappointed. It was ok, but a little dry and the hot sauce would barely come out. It just wasn't nearly as good as I was expecting.

We wandered back downstairs to admire the space a bit more, and to use the restroom. This sounds strange, but check out the sink in the bathroom. Pretty cool.
I was hesitant to write about my experience, because I left feeling confused about what I thought about the place, so I held off. I knew that I was headed back to Arcadian with the CLE Dinner Club last week. Boy, I'm glad that I did, because we had a wonderful meal.
Pictured above are the oyster on the half shell, octopus with hearts of palm and lemon, braised pork with spaetzle and red cabbage, and the chocolate bread pudding. All previews of the fall menu, which has now started at the restaurant.

The pork alone is worth a visit, and I'd order the octopus in a heartbeat. Seriously, everyone in the group was raving about the pork. Do yourself a favor and go get some!

Since it's a new place, I think that they are still working out some kinks with the menu. Refining dishes and making changes, as it should. They'll figure out the duds. But, if this CLE Dinner Club meal is any indication, then they've convinced me it's a great new addition to the dining scene. Now, I can confidently recommend it.

Arcadian Food & Drink
6416 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44102


Bite Buff said...

Arcadian has closed. 11/9/16