Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Ohio City Provisions

We're been waiting for this day...the opening of Ohio City Provisions on Lorain Avenue.
Self-described as "half grocer, half butcher shop," this new addition to Ohio City is bringing Clevelanders a shop that has locally sourced all of its goods. "All the pantry items in the grocery are locally-sourced, organic and pasture-raised produce, grains, eggs, dairy, canned goods, and more. The fresh butcher serves a variety of cut-to-order sausages, pasture-raised meats: pastured beef, heritage pork, heirloom varietals of pork, heritage chicken, rabbit, lamb, duck, turkey, venison, goat and various cured meats. Limited take-out menu available for grab-and-go meals."
Chef Adam Lambert (formally of Bar Cento) and his partner Trevor Clatterbuck from Fresh Fork Market have curated quite a spread of fresh foods, dry goods, meats, and...cheeses! Gaze into the cheese case, and they'll likely offer you samples.
Plenty of dairy products to get you through the week.
A good selection of the local produce that Fresh Fork subscribers have grown accustomed to. Now, with access for everyone.
Some familiar local brands that have become staples in our household...
...and new-to-us items, like this Pumpkin and Carmelized Onion Rye Bread.
It took a lot of willpower to resist.

They will be open daily from 10AM - 7PM, and I'm pretty positive that it will reduce some grocery store chain shopping for us, and get us through the summer when we're missing our Fresh Fork Winter Share. I could not be more excited for their opening. Go check it out right away, support local, and feel good about where your products are coming from.

Ohio City Provisions
3208 Lorain Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113


bonnjill said...

I've been anxiously awaiting this as well. I stopped getting Fresh Fork because the small bag was simply too much for just me. I love the idea of buying just what I need and in the amount I need it. This store is going to be my go-to from now on!