Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Citizen Pie

I've been trying to tick a few more restaurants off of the 2016 To Dine Challenge list before Christmas, so that led Mr. H and I to Citizen Pie for Sunday lunch.
Located on Waterloo on the east side of Cleveland (across the street from Beachland Ballroom), this little shop provides you with a handful of seating options but a front-row view of your pizza being made. The Neapolitan-style pizza only takes 90 seconds to cook in the woodfire oven.
We placed our order at the counter, and then took a seat at the only low table. There is high-top seating at the window, and a small bar surrounding half of the counter, but that's it.
I ordered the Mushroom pizza with mozzarella, brie, mushrooms, bacon, red onion and truffle oil ($16).
Mr. H got the Sunday Special pizza, which was like Eggs Benedict on dough. Here it is pre-egg cracking...
...and post-egg cracking. Look at all that gooey yolk!
He was kind enough to share one slice with me.
The crust is unmatched in Cleveland, from what I've had. They have a good variety of topping combinations, and the new "4-way" which allows you to split the pizza into four types.

My only complaint was that the Mushroom pizza was a little watery in the center. Could be the combination of water releasing from the mushrooms and the truffle oil, but it left the dough a touch soggy in the middle.

Flavor-wise though, both pizzas were killer. I'd happily drive back over to the east side for this, but luckily I won't always have to. They are slated to open a second location in Ohio City in 2017.

Citizen Pie
15710 Waterloo Rd.
North Collinwood, OH 44110