Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Old Brooklyn Cheese Co.

An dangerous exciting new business just opened in our neighborhood on Saturday. The Old Brooklyn Cheese Co. on Pearl Road, just south of the zoo.
The line was out the door for most of the day, which was awesome to see.
We didn't mind the wait, because we got to browse the shelves, sample 7 cheeses, and sip on some complimentary local eggnog.
I was pleasantly surprised by how many cheese selections were being carried. They certainly want to support Ohio cheese makers, but they also carry plenty of imported cheeses as well. Hard, soft, pungent, mild, goat, cow, buffalo...something for everyone.
We snagged three cheeses, a fresh baguette, and three fun new products to try.

The turnout was great to see. I certainly hope it keeps up for them. This is one of the better cheese selections that I've seen around town. In about two months, they'll have their own line of cheese available too.

Good thing this shop is within bike riding distance! I'll need to burn some extra calories, having them in Old Brooklyn.

Old Brooklyn Cheese Co.
4138 Pearl Road
Cleveland, OH 44109


eatdrinkcleveland said...

Dangerous indeed! I should bike from my house too lol!

bonnjill said...

Is it bad that I got super excited about the Losada olives on the shelf instead of all the cheese? Those things are awesome.

Bite Buff said...

No, we were eyeing them as well! Decided to hold off until another visit, since we were purchasing several other things.