Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Jack Flaps

I hadn't been to Jack Flaps before. It was so popular upon its opening that I heard about lines out the door and long waits. Well, now they have two locations (Ohio City and Downtown), and I thought that it was time to try it for myself.

It's still quite popular, so we had a 25-minute wait on Sunday. The place was hoppin'. We even shared a 6-top table with another couple so that we could get seated faster.
I don't have much of a sweet tooth to begin with, and sweet things certainly don't appeal to me much in the morning. So, I skipped right over most of the Jack Flaps menu, and went straight for the Savory section.
Luckily, two dishes sounded good to both of us, so there was going to be some sharing. Mr. H ordered the Benedicto Mexicano ($10.50) with jalapeno cornbread, chorizo ranchero gravy, herb crema, and sunny-up eggs.
He liked it (and I enjoyed my one bite), but he wished it had more gravy and that the gravy texture was thicker. The cornbread was a little dry, and it could have used it.

I ordered the Real F'ing Breakfast Burrito ($10.50) with Adobo-braised beef, hash, scrambled eggs, Manchego, smoked tomato salsa, and crema.
I thought that the flavors and layered textures were very good, but unfortunately it was pretty cold by the time it arrived at the table. I was hungry, we'd had a long wait, and it wasn't worth sending back to the kitchen. So, I just ate it. It wasn't terribly cold, but I do think the quality was comprised, so it wasn't as enjoyable.

Everything was decent, but I wasn't blown away. I can't say that I'd go again.

Jack Flaps
3900 Lorain Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113