Wednesday, February 15, 2017

34 Isn't That Bad...

This past weekend, I turned 34. I have to admit, I wasn't too thrilled with that number looming. I loved turning 30. I think this decade is going to be full of good things for me (so far, so good), but I'm now moving into that true "mid" 30's range. Often having to check a new box on forms. Meh.

But, Mr. H did a wonderful job distracting me and spoiling me rotten all weekend long. I was getting over a terrible head cold that lingered for over a week, so luckily I was able to enjoy our Saturday festivities.

The afternoon started with a shopping trip to Fount in Gordon Square. Mr. H had seen me eyeballing the Atlas handbag for months, and surprised me with it for my birthday!
Hello, gorgeous. 

That evening, we headed to Nora in Little Italy for dinner. A 2017 To Dine Challenge restaurant, so we killed two birds with one stone! In the former Il Bacio space, across the street from Washington Place Bistro and Inn, it's still a cozy, classic Italian restaurant.
It was creepily silent when we first sat down, and everyone was speaking in very hushed tones, but it picked up as the meal wore on.

Overall, we enjoyed the food quite a bit. We ordered a Chicken Liver Bruschetta, small portion of the house made Fettuccini, and Mr. H got the Veal Osso Bucco. I had the fish special of the evening, a crusted and seared ahi tuna steak with forbidden rice, spinach, and a basil aioli. The dishes were beautifully plated, flavorful, and the pasta in particular was very good. Only a few tiny things negative to note. For the price point, the bruschetta was a very small portion (about four bites total), and my tuna was cooked almost all the way through. Searing it was necessary to get the crust good and crunchy, but it was just overdone for my personal taste. Lastly, our server was an odd guy, and his unnatural communication skills impacted our experience poorly a bit. Our interactions were awkward, but at least he was very professional and was certainly attentive. I did walk away happy with our meal, and knowing that I'd recommend the restaurant. It was probably one of our better experiences in Little Italy.

Then, we headed to Severance Hall for a performance from the Cleveland Orchestra. It was my first! Something that I've been wanting to do for a while now.

Mr. H outdid himself this year, and it was a fun and celebratory day. Maybe 34 isn't that bad...

2181 Murray Hill Road
Cleveland, OH 44106