Friday, March 17, 2017

Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes

I made the mistake of following Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes on Instagram. I don't even have a sweet tooth, but I found myself drooling over their adorable sweet treats.

We found ourselves in Rocky River to pick out some paint samples two weeks ago, and I caught sight of the Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes shop across the street.
So, when we headed back to the hardware store this past weekend to purchase the final paint, I convinced Mr. H to stop in. We were instantly greeted by this gorgeous, and girly, chair.
They had an assortment of cupcakes, macaron flavors, bars, and cookies. The shop also carries products other than their own, like chocolate bars, etc.

I grabbed a Sea Salt Fudge macaron to snack on immediately. There were about five flavors that I had a hard time choosing between.

Mr. H and I took home a stuffed cookie to share later. It was a chocolate chip cookie sandwich with vanilla buttercream and cookie dough (pictured top, left below). Yes, cookie dough INSIDE of a cookie. The buttercream was a little too sweet for my non-sweet tooth self, but getting to that cookie dough in the center was worth it!
From the posts I see on social media, this shop can handle just about anything, while making it uber pretty. I love the frilly, girly look and feel of not only the shop, but most of her goods.

Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes
20033 Detroit Rd.
Rocky River, OH 44116


Kristian said...

I just went there recently for the first time and got the chocolate chip cookie/brownie cookie sandwich with buttercream filling and it was just so-so. The filling was less buttery and more just sugary (hard to describe). I also wonder if they use salted butter in the chocolate chip cookie because that would definitely be helpful.