Monday, March 13, 2017

Medina's Thyme2

It made the To Dine Challenge List years ago, but I never did make it to Thyme2 in Medina that year, and it took until this past weekend for us to finally dine there. The 36-minute drive from the city just wasn't that appealing. But, I made sure that it made its way back on to the 2017 To Dine list.
Diners have two options--- the fine dining upstairs, or the more casual pub atmosphere (and menu) downstairs.
We were there for the fine dining, but the pub below seemed lively and they had a great view of the open kitchen.

We started with some craft cocktails, and I really enjoyed my Tropical Kick Martini with fresh lime juice, tequila, triple sec, simple syrup, fresh jalapeno, and pineapple juice. It left me searching Pinterest for a recipe.

Mr. H and I shared the Beef Carpaccio appetizer special.
The egg was cooked perfectly. We enjoyed this dish quite a bit, but I do think a pinch of salt would have made it even better.

Mr. H ordered the Roasted Rack of Lamb ($30) with a white bean and sausage cassoulet, green bean salad, and herbes de provence oil.
It was taking a very long time in between our appetizer and entrees. Turns out, the kitchen had overcooked his lamb, and the chef had them re-fire it. The chef, John Kolar, personally came to our table to explain and apologize, which was much appreciated. All it ever takes is communication, and a well prepared dish is worth waiting for.

I had the Macadamia Nut Crusted Grouper ($30) with black Chinese rice, vegetable spring roll, pineapple beurre blanc, and pineapple salsa.
I also enjoyed this dish a lot. The fish and rice were cooked well, the spring roll was crisp but not greasy, and the sauce was great. I just wanted a little more of the salsa and beurre blanc on the plate.

Service was attentive and pleasant, always refilling water quickly and checking in on us without being intrusive. I would say that the food and service at Thyme2 is on par with some of the better restaurants in the city of Cleveland. Nice to have a dining option like this outside of the city, because we're fortunate to have so many options at our doorstep. That's not always the case. So, if you live out that way or are passing through, do yourself a favor and stop in.

113 West Smith Road
Medina, OH 44256


Matt said...

As a medina resident, good to see more people getting exposed to the great food that Chef Kolar is putting out at Thyme. The grouper dish has always been a personal favorite of mine too