Friday, March 24, 2017

Pearl Road Tavern

Mr. H and I have still been supporting the Old Brooklyn Restaurant Month being hosted by the Old Brooklyn Families Group in March. The second week highlighted restaurants and bars from Pearl Road.

We popped into the Hopp Inn first, for a cold beer and a plate of pierogi. The dive bar has its charm, and the homemade pierogi were actually quite good. They are owned by the same folks behind the Polish Diner in Parma.

Sadly, our second stop wasn't as successful. We popped into the Pearl Road Tavern (a little less dive-y) down the street, for another beer (more extensive list and craft beers here) and some food. We shared the fried shrimp platter with pierogi, and they just didn't even come close to what we'd just had. These claimed to be "housemade" but they tasted as though they came from a box.
We also split a Buffalo Chicken Wrap with steak fries, and it was honestly the worst buffalo wrap I've ever had. It had barely any chicken, very little sauce, the wrap was an odd texture, and only lettuce was included. The wrap was packed with it. I didn't even finish my half, once the chicken was gone. I also love a good steak fry, but these were not it. They were so under cooked that several of them were inedible. What a letdown.

Also, do they have a lot of fights there? From the nature of signs posted around the place, I'm inclined to think so. The status of the women's bathroom was enough to turn me off from this spot as well. That's certainly one place that I don't feel the need to visit again.

Pearl Road Tavern
4370 Pearl Road
Cleveland, OH 44109