Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Maine Activities!

In addition to sharing some fantastic Maine eats with you, I also wanted to tell you about some of our favorite activities we did on the recent trip.

In Maine, there is no shortage of lighthouses and forts to explore. It makes for some great walking tours.
Stunning views of little harbor after little harbor (Camden pictured here).
Some views can get even better with height, like using the Mount Battie Trail just outside Camden. Thank you, random stranger, for thinking we looked sweet and captured this moment from behind!
We also took an authentic lobster boat ride this year, and got to watch as they harvested lobsters from the traps outside Camden. Thanks, Captain Jack Lobster Boat!
Of course, we headed to the 70th Annual Maine Lobster Festival (twice!) for not only the food, but for the carnival games, art/craft tent, rides, and more. I've picked up some great artwork for our home here, and a fun tote bag made from old sails.
A highlight of the trip was an unplanned adventure, touring the Glidden Pt. Oyster Farms in Edgecomb. We had stumbled upon their roadside sign on the way to Camden, after just enjoying their oysters at lunch. Thanks to a quick Google search, I learned that you can go to the farm to eat oysters at any time, and schedule your own private tour as well.
We did just that a few days later, and it was something we'll never forget. The owner took us out on one of the boats and we toured the farms for over two hours. We got to see three different stages of oyster growth... oysters that were plucked from the river that day...
...and it left us with huge smiles and forever memories.
Don't mind our obnoxious lobster gear, we were headed to the Lobster Festival afterwards, haha. We're now on a mission to find Glidden Pt. Selects (our favorite oyster of theirs) in Cleveland. Euclid Fish Co. in Mentor apparently has them weekly. Lucky for us, Glidden Pt. Farms also sells them online and ships them directly to your house! I see a purchase in our future.

In Portland, we did the typical tourist excursions. By land...
...and by sea, thanks to Portland Discovery Tours.
It is a great way to get the lay of the land, and to learn about a city's history.

We enjoy getting to know the places we visit, and these activities were a great way to do so this trip.