Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Weekend Bites

After two straight weeks without a day off from work, I was DUE for last weekend. We actually didn't have any commitments, other than I had a massage scheduled at Spa West (heaven), so we decided late in the week that we'd head to Put-in-Bay on Sunday.

The Lake Erie islands transport you away from "Ohio" and it's truly relaxing and fun. Just not on a wild Saturday night for me, anymore. Sunday is the perfect day to putz around the island on a golf cart, take in the views, and sip on a chilled glass of wine.
After lunch at The Crew's Nest, Mr. H and I headed to the Round House Bar.
It's where we met 10 years ago, so of course we don't miss a chance to tip one back in honor.
Mad Dog had just come on to the stage, and his raunchy humor, songs, and heckling of the crowd always gives us some good laughs.

I didn't want to leave to head home, but those four hours on the island were just the escape I needed. A piece of my heart will always be in PIB, and I love any opportunity we have to scoot up there for an afternoon.