Monday, September 11, 2017

Weekend Bites

After spending 10 days in NY to prepare for, and of course celebrate, the wedding of these two (yay for my brother and new sister-in-law!)...
...we were quite ready for a lazy weekend at home in Cleveland.

Friday kicked it off well, since I received the news early in the day that our landscaping project would be done a day sooner than anticipated. I got to arrive home to a transformed front yard, thanks to Impullitti Landscaping.
Mr. H and I decided to spend Friday evening in the neighborhood, first stopping for a glass of wine and an Old Brooklyn Cheese Co. cheese board at the newly opened Vino Veritas Cellars on Memphis. The weather was perfect, and we enjoyed it there. More on that later this week!
We then popped over to the newly opened City Diner, on Memphis as well, for dinner. Also more on that later this week!

On Saturday, we headed over to my in-laws' new house in Bay Village to see it for the first time, and have lunch with the family. Then we ran some errands, including a stop at Saucisson. Among other things, this Korean Spiced Pork Terrine had to come home with us.
On Sunday, we had additional errands to run and some chores around the house, and we didn't want one of them to be grocery shopping. So, we took advantage of the new partnership of Heinen's Grocery Store and Instacart to get home delivery for a reasonable delivery fee. You can also choose to tip your driver. The only thing we didn't love was the additional "service fee" included. We'd like to learn more about their pay structure. 
We were able to set the delivery time for a one-hour window later that day, and BOOM our full grocery list appeared right on time. Ready for the week!

As we headed out to North Olmsted for errands, we stopped at a new-to-us diner, Ari's Family Restaurant, on Lorain. A simple and classic diner, and it did the trick.
While I was too scared to try the $2 Bloody Mary, I did appreciate the vintage cash register.
Overall, this weekend was exactly what we needed after the whirlwind that was my brother's wedding and 14 hours of NY travel. There are plenty of fun September weekends ahead that are packed with events and commitments, so it was nice to not have any!