Friday, November 24, 2017

EverCrisp Apples at Heinen's

Thanks to Heinen's Grocery Store, I recently got to try EverCrisp Apples, which come from its parent apples of HoneyCrisp (Mr. H's favorite) and Fuji.
This new apple addition is grown locally in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan and it’s initially exclusive to Heinen’s in our area. It originated from the Midwest Apple Improvement Association (MAIA). MAIA is a traditional apple breeding program that began in Ohio as a grass roots breeding program by apple growers 20 years ago.

I was challenged to cook with them, and we found two great ways to incorporate them into meals, but Mr. H and I both enjoyed just plain snacking on them too. They are uber crunchy, and stay fresh for a long time on the counter.

The first way that we used them was that I COOKED (yikes, I know. I does happen sometimes) some apple, brie, pecan, and honey bites wrapped in crescent roll pastry. Bake at 375 degrees for 10-12 minutes, and boom, a great appetizer for any party or meal at home.
Mr. H then used them a few days later in an apple and raisin chutney over pork chops and a carrot puree with smashed roasted potatoes.
Apple and pork are just always a match made in heaven.

What else is great about the EverCrisp apple is that it is a late season varietal, and you'll still be able to see these on the produce shelves at Heinen's this fall and early winter. I highly suggest you pick some up!

Disclosure: I was provided with a $20 Heinen's gift card to purchase EverCrisp apples in exchange for a blog post and social media posts. All opinions stated are 100% my own. 


Kate @ said...

Those apple, brie, pecan, & honey bites look SO GOOD!

Bite Buff said...

Super easy to make, and we really liked them. I’d try adding a little jam or preserves next time too.