Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Weekend Bites

The weekend kicked off with the Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation's An Old Brooklyn Nite fundraising event at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on Friday. It brought evening exhibit viewing...
...the opportunity to indulge in Old Brooklyn-based desserts, like Honey Hut, Jack Frost Donuts, and Cake Royale. For example, this cake version of the proposed new OBCDC headquarters and main street anchor that they are raising funds for in the Illuminate campaign...
...and my favorite part of the evening (besides winning 4 auction packages and a bottle of wine in the wine pull), the late night carousel rides after a glass of wine (or three, whoops)!
This was our third year attending, and I've always enjoyed the evening of connecting with our neighbors and having some fun in the zoo after hours.

The next day brought my sister-in-law's surprise birthday party at 16-Bit Bar + Arcade. Have you ever had Pop Rocks in a cocktail?
This "Courtney Love" gin-based drink was tasty, but WHOA it felt so weird to feel the Pop Rocks going down.

These past few weeks have been particularly stressful, so on Sunday I took my stress out on the aisles of HomeGoods. Mr. H was not pleased.
But at least he carried my bags. Sometimes you just need a good retail therapy session. Are you with me?

Sunday ended with a hairy ride over to Westlake during the storm for the Luca soft opening, but more on that later this week!