Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Marble Room Steaks and Raw Bar

Since Marble Room Steaks and Raw Bar opened their doors just a short time ago, I've seen nothing but stunning photographs posted all over social media of their renovated bank building space.
But, I've also heard varying reviews of both food quality and service. So, Mr. H and I held out for "something special" before rushing in to try it for ourselves. We celebrated our wedding anniversary on the 13th, and had decided that Marble Room was going to be our big night out.

Immediately, any diner is impressed with the architecture and grand scale of everything in the room, including the raw bar on your right as you enter the main dining room.
We settled into a comfortable table...and I mean COMFORTABLE. You look around, and all of the chairs and booths look like you could sink in and spend some time. So, we did.

We had to start with some raw bar options. A dozen Oysters quickly hit the table ($27). I do have to say that I found it odd that they only had one type of oyster available. That's unusual, right? Particularly for a restaurant with "Raw Bar" in their name too, right? Anywho...they were plump and delicious, so I wasn't complaining.
We also ordered the Yuzu Miso Salmon Roll ($16) with avocado, cucumber, and pineapple salsa.
Our server had really talked this sushi roll up, but honestly I found it too plain and bland. I'll just head to Mizu Sushi for a specialty roll next time I want one, and for a cheaper price point and larger size.

Mr. H and I decided to both order steaks, because, well, we were at a steakhouse. You feel a sense of obligation to try one when it's your first time there. So, we decided to share two side dishes to accompany the steaks.

We ordered the Creamed Spinach ($10).
Also, the "Marble Room Specialty" Crispy Potato Cake ($11) with roasted poblano and guajillo, cojita cheese, and scallions.
The creamed spinach was certainly fine, but we had just had some outstanding creamed spinach at a steakhouse in NYC the week before (Quality Meats), so it didn't leave me digging in for more. The potato cake was unique, and ate like a fancy fried hash brown with Mexican flavors. Personally, I'd probably stick with more traditional potato or pasta side dishes with a steak next time.

Mr. H ordered the Dry-aged Delmonico ($68), and really didn't think the steak was very good. But, we've become steak snobs over the years, because he makes fantastic steak at home and the more recent dry-aged versions we've had at home have been wonderful. I went for the 6 oz. Filet ($38) and added a lobster tail. My steak was seasoned well and cooked perfectly. It was so tender that it literally melted like butter in my mouth. I was happy!
We were completely full at this point and turned down the dessert menu, but they knew it was our anniversary and a complimentary dessert arrived at the table as we wrapped up the meal. I won't say no to a bite of rich, dark chocolate that appears in front of me! The gesture was appreciated.
I know a lot of people have complained about service so far at this restaurant, but we had no issues at all. We were pleasantly greeted at the hostess stand (even though we were 20 minutes late thanks to Cavs' traffic and Uber), and our server was attentive, funny, and knowledgeable about the food and wine.

The atmosphere can't be beat right now for elegance and size, there were very talent musicians wandering throughout the main dining room (but yet piped into the sound system so it filled the space) that truly made the experience feel special, and we had no issues with service. But, I think the food wasn't quite as good as some other local steakhouses at this time, so I see some "newly opened" kinks that they still need to work out. For what we spent on that meal, I was glad we tried it, but I would have preferred to spend the money somewhere else that was a home-run for such a special occasion.

Marble Room Steaks and Raw Bar
623 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 523-7000


Kate @ GreatestEscapist.com said...

It definitely seems weird for a raw bar to have just one kind of oyster - but at least everything was pretty good! I'm verrrry interested in their scallops.