Monday, April 2, 2018

Euclid Fish Co.

After touring the Glidden Point Oyster Farm in Maine last summer and hearing that they had recently started shipping to Euclid Fish Co. in Mentor, Ohio, we knew that we'd make our way out there eventually to check out their Market. Well it took until this weekend to do so, as we don't find ourselves out that way often. But, it was worth the drive.
The Market carries several cases packed with ready-made items, like crab cakes (about 5 flavors), salmon jerky, coconut shrimp, breaded shrimp, croquettes, seafood salads, dips, salmon meatballs, and so much more.
They also offer plenty of pre-seasoned fish and seafood items that are ready to take home and cook easily, like crab-stuffed mushrooms, spinach and feta salmon burgers, stuffed fish filets, and more.
In addition to these cases full of pre-cooked or pre-seasoned items that you can grab and go, they also have coolers with frozen foods like soups, sauces, Ohio City Pasta Co. raviolis, dips, raw seafood, and much more.

They also have lunch and dinners to go, and a catering menu.

This is all on top of the fresh fish displays. All sorts of fresh fish, oysters, shrimp, crab legs, lobster tails, mussels...the list goes on. However, we did notice that the pricing on fish by the pound was higher than what we typically pay at Classic Seafood or Kate's Fish.
We picked up King Crab Legs, Jalapeno Crab Cake, Lobster Cake, Coconut Shrimp, Crab and Artichoke Dip, Lobster Pot Pie, Salmon Jerky, and a Blood Orange and Pepper seasoning. Some of it went in the freeze or pantry, but the items that we snacked on this weekend were tasty and simple to reheat or bake.

While we won't replace our almost weekly trips to Classic Seafood or Kate's Fish, I do see us traveling out to Euclid Fish Co. for the ready-made or pre-seasoned items if we plan to do one of our favorite "appetizer nights" at home or we have guests staying with us. The quantity of items they have outweighs the others, and we saw a few unique items there that I haven't seen before. We'll also be calling ahead to set aside some Glidden Point Selects! I need a local source in my life, they were that good.

The Market is open Monday - Thursday from 10AM - 5:30PM, Friday 9:30AM - 6PM, and Saturday 9AM - 4PM.

Euclid Fish Co.
7839 Enterprise Drive
Mentor, OH 44060
(440) 951-6448