Monday, May 21, 2018


A new diner opened in Old Brooklyn in the former Suzie's Family Restaurant on Memphis, Daybreak. Look, I fully respect that they just opened and they'll need to get their feet wet and take some time to address issues, but they aren't off to a good start based on our experience and what I've read so far on our neighborhood social media groups.

The menu has a nice selection of classic breakfast items, with a handful that appear "elevated" based on the descriptions.
I went with a classic, eggs with sausage gravy over biscuits. Pretty flavorless gravy, and the biscuits are dry and too dense. Mr. H ordered a biscuit as a side, and didn't even eat most of it.
Mr. H went with one of the more "elevated" items, the breakfast tacos. While the salsa appeared to be homemade and had some heat to it, the rest of the tacos were average at best. The description also stated that they are served on corn tortillas, which clearly they are not.
Service was a big issue. They clearly don't have a system down yet for station assignments (four different servers tried to wait on the table next to us), we waited for a very long time before anyone approached our table with menus and to take drink orders, we didn't have silverware when our food arrived, and our bill was incorrect at the end of the meal. Other diners were complaining about service and food around us as we were dining, so it seems to be a common experience right now.

My expectations for a classic diner breakfast are relatively low, and I do acknowledge that they just opened a couple of weeks ago, but this experience did not leave me wanting to rush back for a second try. I will, but in time. I just hope they are receptive to customer feedback, work quickly to establish systems, and improve the food.

We have several great diners in our neighborhood, so there wasn't really a need for another one. I always want new businesses in our neighborhood to do well, so I hope they can make some changes and stand out in the "crowd" here soon.

6212 Memphis Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44109