Wednesday, July 18, 2018


This will likely not be a popular post, but I have to say it...I officially don't like the tacos at Bakersfield.
I'm sorry, it's true. After two visits, it's concluded...the tacos are not for me. I wanted to like it, truly, I did. The space is Instagram-worthy, the tacos look vibrant and fun, and who doesn't love a margarita?
But, service has been less than stellar on both visits, both times I've been greeted at the host stand with a hint of annoyance, and since I don't care for the tacos, there just aren't enough of options on the limited menu to bring me back.
On my first visit with friends, I ordered three tacos. The Fish with crispy mahi, tabasco lime sauce, citrus slaw, and cilantro.
The Baja Shrimp with crispy shrimp, chipotle lime crema, guacamole, red cabbage, pickled fresno, and chive.
And a daily special taco with pork that was the only one with even the least bit of flavor to it. They were served at barely room temperature, which really starts to mess with the pleasure of eating certain things like fish or seafood.

I left there a little surprised that I hadn't enjoyed it, since I know that many do. So, I decided to head back a couple of months later with Mr. H.

This time, I ordered the same two standard tacos to give them another shot, and then threw in an Al Pastor with chili marinated pork, pineapple, pickled white onion, and cilantro and then a Carnitas with beer braised pork, guacamole, tomatillo crema, pickled red onion, and cilantro.
Same summary, sorry. They are barely warm, pretty bland, and just not for me.

It also grossed me out that the share plates on the table were dirty when we arrived. So I asked the server for new ones, and when he set them down on our table I realized it was meat grease on his fingers that were making the plates dirty. I just ate off of the serving tray, thank you.

But, the meal was slightly redeemed through Mr. H's Cochinita Pibil with achiote braised pork, black beans, guacamole, pickled red onion, cilantro, and queso fresco.
The sandwich was truly really good. So good that I requested that he save me one bite so I could finish the meal with it. Must always end on a good note!

This is why I do love exploring food and restaurants, because each one is not for everyone. This one, just not for me.

2058 W 25th Street
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 443-0460


Kate @ said...

Oh, wow. I loooove Bakersfield & find it to be SO much better than Barrio. I've had some REALLY great service there. Like, my mom & I even went there at the start of my wedding weekend, & they were so friendly & joyful & gave us shots of tequila & margaritas. I've actually had SUCH good service there that it's what sealed it for me.

Isn't it weird how people have such vastly different experiences & preferences at the same exact spot?! But now I'm curious: Who makes your favorite tacos?

Crystal @EatDrinkCLE said...

Meat grease from the server's fingers - OMG! Not cool! I went and enjoyed my food. The margaritas were even better. I'm honestly not blown away by ANY of the tacos in CLE except for La Plaza.