Thursday, August 23, 2018

Foyer at Beauty Shoppe

Foyer is a cafe that recently opened in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood. The cafe is connected to Beauty Shoppe, a network of neighborhood-based co-working spaces originating in Pittsburgh.

Foyer was inspired by the desire to bring beautiful, social, and communal spaces — previously limited to Beauty Shoppe membership — to the general public. Cafe patrons have access to the beautiful coffee shop, and the adjoining lounge that serves as an entry for the members-only private meeting/work spaces.

The colors and design are simply stunning, and I could curl up for hours in this lounge.
Parterning with Parlor Coffee and Chamellia Tea, the cafe menu is a thoughtfully-curated selection of espresso and tea. Their signature beverages are a crisp and refreshing Kaffe Tonic and $1 To-Go Drip Coffee. Their daily pastries are supplied by Tommy’s Pastries in Lakewood.
But, on Fridays only, they are doing a Pop Up Lunch menu curated by Ohio City's The Plum. This includes a small selection of creative, and often locally-sourced items, like the Tomato Sandwich ($11) with Ohio heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, gruyere cheese, lettuce, and brown butter mayo.
And, the House Salad ($9) with arugula, romaine, feta, curried orange, spiced pumpkin seeds, and chili vinaigrette.
It is days later, and I'm still dreaming of this salad. No joke. I need to have it again, and again. The citrus from the candied orange peel with the spice of the chili vinaigrette is pure heaven.

Serving 11AM - 2PM on Fridays, first come first served, this is a new lunch and meeting spot that you don't want to miss.

Foyer at Beauty Shoppe
2529 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 273-4470


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