Thursday, October 4, 2018

Weekend Bites

Ok, so it's Thursday already, but I'm still coming at you with Weekend Bites, because it was a good one! Our first one spent in Cleveland in more than a month, so we packed quite a lot in, but also got a good dose of relaxing at home.

Saturday kicked off with running some errands to a few of our favorite shops, like Old Brooklyn Cheese Co.
We also stopped at the new location of Lilly Chocolates and Confections (more on that later) and our favorite lady butchers at Saucisson (who were just included in the recent Food & Wine Magazine issue).

Later that day we headed back out, and this time stopped at a brand new antique shop, Helm Collective on Lorain.
Only open for one week, the shop is filled with gorgeous goods, fresh plants for purchase, and locally sources products like this amazing scented candle we picked up. I'm still dreaming of the vintage brass dumpling cart she had and how I could fit that in at our house.
Other stops that day included Blackbird Baking Company and Heinen's so that we could do "Appetizer Night" at home that evening. We usually pick about 3 small plates to make and share, and settle in with some cocktails or wine and nibble while relaxing or playing games. It's one of my favorite ways to unwind at home with Mr. H.

Sunday, we had to take the pup out for her first pumpkin patch! We headed to Szalay's Farm in The Cuyahoga Valley to pick up some fall decor for the front porch. Brinley was hesitant at first, but then had a blast and couldn't wait to sniff each new dog friend she found!
We've enjoyed our travel lately, but it felt darn good to be home this past weekend. It turned into a very "Cleveland" weekend, and it was just what I needed.


Kate @ said...

I went to Szalay's on Monday. One of my favorite spots! I need to get to Helm ASAP. It looks so cute on Instagram. :)

Clean Eats Fast Feets said...

This sounds like a magical weekend, especially the cheese and chocolates at two places that are still on my bucket list. Sigh.