Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Lobster and Pho

Located in the Rockside Corners Shopping Center in Independence, Lobster & Pho is bringing Louisiana-style seafood boils, East Coast lobster rolls, and Vietnamese phở to diners all in one spot. Sounds like a strange combination, right?
Other than the creepy glowing tanks filled with your next meal's live seafood right as you enter, the place actually kind of works. Nothing will blow your mind, but the food coming out looks good, no matter which section of the menu you're focused on.

I split The Beginner ($38) seafood boil, which includes a 1/2 lb shrimp, 1/2 lb clams, 1/2 lb crawfish, half blue crab, 1/2 lb snow crab legs, and 1/2 lb mussels.
We ordered it at a mild spice level and with the Signature Cajun and Garlic Butter Mix for the seasoning. Even at the lowest level of mild, it had plenty of great flavor and a tiny kick of heat. Besides the obvious of being incredibly messy to eat (don't worry--- bibs, gloves, and wipes provided!), it was plenty of food to share for lunch and we both enjoyed the seafood included.

Now, I'll just have to head back to enjoy a bowl of phở this winter, and also try a lobster roll to get a glimmer of our summer trips to Maine.

Plenty of free parking available in the strip mall lot, and this casual restaurant is family-friendly.

Lobster and Pho
6901 Rockside Road
Independence, OH 44131
(216) 525-0028