Thursday, December 20, 2018

Weekend Bites

So, I'm a little late in the week to catch you up on our weekend, but it was a good one so I'm still going to share!

It actually kicked off on Thursday, as it was our fourth wedding anniversary. Mr. H had our florist, Urban Orchid, recreate my bouquet. He's done that every year since, and it's always a wonderful way to look back on our wedding. Big husband points there!
We knew we wouldn't be able to go out to dinner to celebrate until the weekend, but still wanted to have an easy, yet special, meal at home that night. We had grabbed a truffle pecorino from Old Brooklyn Cheese Co. the weekend before, and it was begging to be grated over some pasta! It was soooo decadent. 
I just had to share this...he's not with me for my gift wrapping skills.
Friday we were offered some good seats to the Cavs' game, so we hopped downtown and enjoyed the game for a bit. No matter what the team is doing on the court, I always enjoy the experience of The Q. The fire cannons are my favorite!
But then we really got to celebrate on Saturday night. We headed to the holiday pop-up bar, Lake Effects, connected to The Schofield Hotel. Super cute and vintage Christmas-inspired setting with Instagram-worthy moments all over, but horrible, terrible cocktails. The beer and wine list is small and nothing to get excited about either, but I'd stick to it if I were you.
We then walked over to Urban Farmer, where we had held our rehearsal dinner. We were welcomed with a glass of champagne, and surprised with an amazing celebratory dessert. From start to finish, the meal was absolutely amazing.
Our last stop for the night was Hilarities at Pickwick & Frolic. Attending a comedy show is one of Mr. H's favorite things to do, and this was one of the most interactive shows I've been to. A good portion of his show was picking on the audience members, which was hysterical. Including calling one young guy's girlfriend on his cell phone to harass her for not allowing her boyfriend to drink alcohol, ever, because she had a bad experience once. You can only imagine the fun a comic had with that.
Sunday was spent recovering from the celebrating, as you can imagine.

We've been together 11 years, but being married for the last 4 has truly been even better than I had imagined. There's no one I'd rather celebrate life with, and not just in the big moments like an anniversary. We do a darn good job of celebrating and appreciating each other year-round! It's the people in your life that matter most, and I'm so lucky to have found him.

Thanks for taking a peek into our anniversary celebrations, and for enjoying and celebrating life in Cleveland with me year-round. With the holidays upon us, I reflect even more, and this little slice of the web brings me a lot of joy. Thank you!


Kate @ said...

Hahaha, oh, bummer, I loved the Clark Griswold from Lake Effects! What we didn't love was just how broey it was - but the decor was great.

Bite Buff said...

Glad you had a better experience! We tried two cocktails and they were both awful. A friend stopped in that is a craft beer lover and left because the options were so limited. It’s a cute and fun space, so I wish a little more care was spent on the drink menu.

Clean Eats Fast Feets said...

Happy Belated Anniversary!!