Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Cleveland Corned Beef Co.

You know those places that you drive by and something just catches your eye (the name, signage, location), and you think to yourself...I wonder what that spot is like inside.

Well, one of those places for me was the Cleveland Corned Beef Co. on Pearl Road. With a name like that, and Cleveland with a reputation for corned beef...I was curious. But years went by and we never made an effort to stop in. Flash forward to a dinner party conversation with a neighbor that raved about their breakfast a few weeks ago, and you better believe we scooted there the following weekend for a greasy-diner breakfast.

Located in a strip mall along the corner of Pearl Road and Brookpark Road, it's not much to look at from the outside. But the name alone and large images of corned beef stacked high will catch your eye!
Inside, it's just a sliver of a place. Only a handful of counter stools and one or two tables in the back. But there were plenty of to-go orders headed out the door during our meal.
If you settle in for your meal, every seat has a front-row view of the griddle action. The pancakes were about the size of my head!
I ordered the Corned Beef, Egg and Cheese Sandwich ($3.99) with my choice of bread. I went with Texas Toast. While the hash browns side was skimpy and under-cooked, the sandwich was hearty and generously-sized.
Mr. H ordered the Everything Omelette ($7.99) which literally had EVERYTHING on it. This thing was HUUUUGE and probably weighed about 2 pounds! Mr. H is a big eater, and even he could barely finish half.
He got a side of Rye Toast with it, and truly all of the bread products coming out of the kitchen looked really fresh and good.

While I think the food quality and certainly atmosphere is better at a few other diners closer to home, this was a fun adventure and one for any corned beef fan.

Cleveland Corned Beef Co.
5164 Pearl Road
Cleveland, OH 44129
(216) 351-0010