Sunday, November 24, 2019

Weekend Bites

After traveling for work last weekend and being down for the count with a terrible upper respiratory infection for another, I was READY to be home and have some fun around town and enjoy being home with Mr. H and the pooches.

We kicked off Friday with a quick dinner and glass of wine at Opal on Pearl, just down the street from home. Tony had a Buffalo Chicken Dip on special, and it hit the spot!
As we wrapped up our meal, we were in the mood for a sweet treat and Lilly Chocolates and Confections was still open. Woo hoo!
Not only did the truffles do the trick to satisfy our sweet tooth, but I also snagged one of their Chocolate Advent Calendars. Now I'm all set to celebrate the next holiday once Thursday is over this week.
On Saturday, we bummed around town doing some errands. That included picking up some copper candle holders that I purchased from Helm Collective (seriously, following her adorable shop on Instagram is dangerous). That also gave me the opportunity to shoot next door to All Things for You, where I scooped up this brass and copper potpourri container. 
We had a fancy date night planned for that evening, to celebrate Mr. H losing 40.4 pounds in the recent Biggest Loser Competition at work. After a stop at The Spotted Owl...
...for a craft cocktail that is always the "Bee's Knees"...
...we headed to Luca, because he was seriously craving some carbs. Their Sacchetti is always celebration-worthy.
Sunday was spent at home with my goofballs.
We got to end the weekend on a very high note, with a new recipe really knocking our socks off. Mr. H made this Sea Bass San Sebastian, and it will be on regular rotation now.
Phew! We crammed a lot in this weekend, and my lingering cough didn't get in the way too much. Short week ahead, before the Thanksgiving festivities! 2019 was a hard year, and this holiday will be bittersweet without my dad for the first time on his favorite holiday. But I have so much to be thankful for, and you all are a part of that. So thank you.

What were you up to this weekend?


Clean Eats Fast Feets said...

Tell your Hubby Congratulations on the weight loss. That's incredible.

Bite Buff said...

I will pass that on! He’s been so diligent. Wants to lose a couple more before a big milestone birthday next month.