Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Empanadas Latin Street Food

As 2019 winds down, so does my To Dine Challenge for the year. Unfortunately, one of the restaurants selected did not end up opening their doors yet, Half Moon Bakery. I've had their tasty empanadas catered at a meeting, so I was anxious for their restaurant to open on West 25th Street. Fingers crossed it's still in the works!

So I decided that I wouldn't feel satisfied if I didn't replace it with a comparable option. Enter, the new Empanadas Latin Street Food in Parma.
There are a handful of small tables there, but it's mostly a takeout joint. On a Tuesday night, the place was busy with a line of folks waiting for their orders.

We got a side of Fried Plantains (with or without garlic), but they have Ripened Plantains as well. The garlic was potent and a nice addition, but overall they were very dry and needed a sauce. I don't think I'd bother with these again. We've been making them at home and eating them with guacamole. Highly recommend!
Their empanadas range in price from $2 - $4 each, and there's quite a variety. You can get classics like chicken, beef, or four cheese. But they have all kinds of Americanized playful versions like Pizza, Hot Dog and Cheese, Polish, Cheeseburger, Buffalo, and Mac & Cheese.

We ordered the Cheeseburger (my favorite), Meat Lovers (our cashier's favorite and one I'd recommend), and Mac & Cheese (too dry and not worth it).
They are good-sized and reasonably priced. Overall, I'd rate this spot as decent. But there are better empanadas in town. Won't stop us from swinging by there again though.

Parking is difficult. There is a small lot behind the building, but most of the spots belong to another restaurant and they are out there with a watchful eye. Certainly this casual place is kid-friendly, and with the fun fillings that could appeal to little ones, it may be a good chance to introduce them to empanadas.

My last stop on the To Dine Challenge is coming up later this week with a fun group outing to La Plaza Taqueria. If you'd like to join, just message me!

5543 Ridge Road
Parma, OH 44129
(440) 340-5618


cleonthecheap said...

Ha! I didn't know this restaurant was there. When I think of empanadas, I don't think of Parma (which is where I grew up). Sounds like it might be worth a try.

Holly said...

I had fried plantains earlier this year (authentic Cuban food in Key West, FL) for the first time. Loved them! There is a great Argentinian food truck in Sandusky with empanadas too .