Tuesday, December 31, 2019

The Best Things I Ate in 2019

I thought it would be fun to do a look back through the year, at my favorite bites and some newly discovered places of 2019. Here we go...

Cheesy Brisket Crunches from Service Bar in Columbus
Shish Tawook with garlic sauce from Joe's Deli
Arancini from Molto Bene Italian Eatery
Scallops St. Jacques from Blu the Restaurant
Our entire meal at Central Provisions in Portland, ME
Grilled Octopus with white bean shishito ragu and breadcrumbs from Sotto in Cincinnati
Spaghetti from Bluebeard in Indianapolis
Spinach and Meatball Dip from Polpetta
Diavolo Pie (Pro Tip: add Hot Honey) from Il Rione
Well, I guess it was a good one then!

How about you...favorite bites or new restaurant you tried this year? 


Shibani said...

I learned the hot honey pro tip this year and it’s been life changing!! You can also buy the same hot honey they use at Lucky’s supermarket on 117th!!

Shana said...

Great list. I'm thinking of it as a "Things I plan to eat in 2020" list lol

Betsy Ramsey said...

Wow! I should not have read this while I'm hungry! My mouth is watering. All look fantastic. Il Rione is a fave of ours as well and thanks to you for giving us several new places to add to our list.

Jen said...

That Arancini from Molto Bene was so good!