Sunday, December 1, 2019

Time to Submit for the To Dine Challenge!

Wow, where did 2019 go? But it's that time of year submit your restaurant suggestions for my annual To Dine Challenge.

Each December, I have you send in favorite newly opened restaurants, hidden neighborhood gems that don't get the recognition they deserve, hole-in-the-wall spots you frequent, and maybe even some restaurants on the verge of opening.

Then on January 1, I announce a list of 10 restaurants selected from the submissions that I'll challenge myself to dine at and blog about over the next 12 months. It has become a New Year's resolution of sorts.

I took a look back, and I've been doing the To Dine Challenge since 2010. Wow! I did take a year off in 2018, so 2020 will have to mark 10 years of lists.

You can use the Search function on my homepage to search the keywords "To Dine Challenge" to see the past lists and some of the associated posts. If you're not sure that I've visited a restaurant you're thinking of suggesting, check out my Restaurant Reviews page for a full list.

So start sending in those restaurant suggestions by commenting on this blog post or messaging me on social media (@BiteBuff). Then keep your eyes peeled on New Year's Day for the 2020 announcement!


Melinda said...

I'd love to see a 10-year retrospective of Cleveland restaurants you've previously dined in. What's still hot? What's lost its luster? What sucked and has since found its awesome-sauce? :D

Kate @ said...

My nominees are: Salsarito (Tremont), Thyme Table (Bay Village), & Rood Food & Pie (Lakewood). Happy dining!

Bite Buff said...

That’s a fun idea! I do occasionally skim through the list on my site or accounts I follow on social and think of those that have closed.

Bite Buff said...

All good ones! Hadn’t heard of Salsarito. Hope you can join me for an outing in 2020!

DoxDad said...

Definitely thyme table, lobster tots are to die for. Drinks are exceptional. Also salted dough in Broadview heights.