Wednesday, January 29, 2020

KCC Carry-out

Kelly Catering Co. (KCC), after more than 20+ years in the catering business in Cleveland, decided to open a brick and mortar carry-out restaurant in a small storefront on Broadview Road in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood.

Family, faith, and "serenity food" are at the heart of this business' menu and d├ęcor. Step inside, and you're welcomed by a heart-warming wall of the family's portraits done by a local artist that does a lot of work in the Hough neighborhood.
"Good food takes time." greets you, and yes, be prepared to wait for your takeout order. Because everything is made to-order. You can call ahead to speed up the wait once you arrive, but we didn't have to wait an unreasonable amount of time with even two orders ahead of us.

What drew me in even quicker to try out this new spot in the neighborhood was a posting on social media about Day's Deep Fried Deviled Eggs ($7). Umm, yes please!
We wanted to try a few different items, so the best way to do that is the Jerry and Cooney's Snack Pack Combo ($6.50) with two wings, four rib tips, one piece of fish, and fries. Came smothered in their BBQ sauce, which became so popular with their catering customers that they are now selling it by the jar. We'd buy some!
We decided to forgo the fries so we could try two of the other Sides, because let's be honest. Good BBQ and Southern food...the sides are just killer.

That included Tay's Mac n Cheese ($2 small, $4 large)...
...and Greg's Southern Style Baked Beans.
Both sides were great, and I enjoyed everything but the fish in the Snack Pack. It was totally fine, but not as good as the other meats so I'd skip it in the future.

A great little addition to the neighborhood for fast causal food, and right around the corner from the zoo for hungry families in the area. BBQ would make a fantastic picnic at the zoo!

3312 Broadview Road
Cleveland, OH 44109
(216) 862-0009


Shibani said...

What?! Deep fried deviled eggs?! Must try!!

Kate @ said...

Okayyyy, I'm not a big fan of deviled eggs but feel like I'd make an exception for those!

Holly said...

This looks like wonderful comfort food!