Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Warren's Spirited Kitchen

As we head into the last couple of months of the year and I scurry to try and complete my 2020 To Dine Challenge list by December 31st, we have to take a brief trip back in time. Pre-COVID. It feels like a lifetime ago. But right before Mr. H and I headed out of the country with my family (and returned on March 13th to a very different world in the United States than when we left), he had taken me out for a birthday celebration at Warren's Spirited Kitchen in Burton.
I've had difficulty writing this post, because of course for a long time life was put on hold and everything was so heavy. Some days, it feels like not much has changed since March. But, this was a positive dining experience that I felt was worth shining a light on in these crazy times. 

It was a freezing cold night at the end of February, but we cozied up by the fireplace and settled in with excitement in trying a new place.
We relied on our server to suggest popular menu items. First up was an order of the Confit Chicken Wings ($13) with 24-hour cured and 12-hour confit slow cooked wings with a choice of maple BBQ, lemon garlic, hot, habanero, Thai ginger, house kc style BBQ or chipotle lime dry rub (our choice). They fell right off the bone, just like the famous ones from The Greenhouse Tavern.
I had their Fish Special with Poblano lime hollandaise, asparagus, and potatoes. Simple, but prepared well. 
Mr. H went for their famous Nashville Hot Chicken & Funnel Cake ($16) that was a brined and breaded boneless thigh, signature hot sauce, marinated kale salad, funnel cake, maple syrup and powdered sugar. Too sweet for my taste, but he enjoyed it and it's a fun play on Chicken & Waffles.
Overall, the food exceeded my expectations and the atmosphere was casual but really pleasant with live music, fresh flowers, and a fireplace. While you'll find higher quality food and service in many of Cleveland's restaurants, this charming spot could definitely hang and it's a real gem in this rural area. 

Thanks for letting me flash back to a simpler time in 2020. I felt it was finally time to go back and give this restaurant the credit it deserves. 

14614 E. Park Street
Burton, OH 44021
(440) 273-8100