Monday, August 17, 2020

Capo's Steaks

Always on the hunt for a good cheesesteak, Capo's Steaks made it to my 2020 To Dine Challenge list.
It was an Uber driver that originally told us about this spot on St. Clair Avenue, but I quickly learned that they've been recognized with several awards and honors over the years.

Their 100% ribeye and steak rolls are both shipped in from Philly, home of the true cheesesteak. Located in a strip, there's plenty of free parking available. There also appeared to be plenty of indoor seating here. 

We're not dining in during the pandemic, so we placed an order by phone (available on DoorDash too) and swung by for takeout on our way to a park. I didn't want to stray too far from the Original Cheesesteak (grilled onions + white American cheese), but we love mushrooms so we split the Mushroom Steak ($8.99) with the same toppings of the original but a hearty helping of mushrooms. *Dining Deal Alert*
We also split the Famous Sweet Steak ($8.99) with the same toppings as the Original but the addition of sweet red peppers and Capo's original steak sauce. 
You can also get a Junior size for around $5.99 (some vary). 

First, it was a really good roll. That's important! Because a good cheesesteak can be a wet, creamy mess and it must hold up. While I enjoyed them both, we preferred the Sweet Steak version. You can add on toppings, so I'd probably throw some mushrooms on this one next time. I think we leaned towards the Sweet Steak because it did have more flavor. The meat itself wasn't overly flavorful. 

Now, this is personal preference, but I love Cheese Whiz on my cheesesteaks over sliced and melted cheese. So I did kind of miss it at Capo's. I think it's great when a cheesesteak joint offers both. 

I'd happily recommend Capo's, as it was a better than average cheesesteak for sure. However, The Original Steaks and Hoagies still claims the top spot for ones I've tried in Northeast Ohio.

10509 Saint Clair Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44108
(216) 721-3219


kasw said...

Were they COVID compliant? Love them but they were not a few months ago so won't be back until they are. You might want to specify this in your posts. Some people won't care, but others (like me) find this important.

Bite Buff said...

Excellent question. This visit was before masks were mandatory. I did not go inside, but my husband does not remember if they were wearing masks or not. He did. There were no other customers inside at the time, so he can’t remember if social distancing markings or other new procedures were in place. I’ll certainly try and note these things in future posts for those that are concerned (because we are). Thanks!