Thursday, September 24, 2020

Bull Dog Ice Cream

As the last few days of summer were winding down, we were still trying to squeeze in some warm weather treats. After seeing countless images on Instagram of the branded mug with towering shakes, I knew we should check out the recently opened Bull Dog Ice Cream on Memphis Avenue in Brooklyn.

It looks like they've had an ice cream truck for years, but this brick-and-mortar now has Specialty Shakes, Sundaes, Hurricanes, Splits, Floats, Cones and a few snacks like hot dogs, a Poor Boy, wings, fries, a gyro, and even a Walking Taco. 
But we were there for two reasons...a Strawberry Cheesecake Specialty Shake ($12, mug included) with a whole slice of cheesecake in it...
...and the Cookie Dough Sundae ($6.50) with two huge scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough.
I'll say, the ice cream itself is certainly fine, but it's nothing noteworthy. You come for the over-the-top presentation and add-ons. Kids will love it!

It was lunchtime, so we also decided on a Hot Dog with Cheese ($3.25). 
And Fries with Cheese ($3.75). Both came with shredded, melted cheese and spicy nacho cheese sauce. There was way too much cheese (Did I just say that?), and just the shredded would have been preferred. 
I'd give the Walking Taco a try, and Mr. H is always up for trying a gyro. Otherwise, I'd probably skip the savory food and just get ice cream. The portions are very large.

They have a parking lot and outdoor picnic tables. There is no seating inside. Masks were being worn and hand sanitizer was available. 

There's much better ice cream in Northeast Ohio, but this has a fun novelty to it. 

7467 Memphis Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44144
(216) 215-2932