Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Boss ChickNBeer

Mr. H are trying to get into the holiday spirit, so we headed to the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds in Berea for the Magic of Lights drive-thru on a Thursday evening. We didn't pre-purchase a ticket, and we zoomed right through with no wait. However, I did hear that on Saturday evening the wait was over an hour to get up to the gate.

Once we finished there, we wanted to grab takeout in the area. We're not overly family with Berea, so I hopped online quickly and Boss ChickNBeer popped up in my search. Known for their wings and tenders on a primarily gluten-free menu, I had heard good things.

We placed our order online. The wait ended up being longer than the ordering system estimated (about 30 minutes), but they are making every order fresh so it's worth waiting.

I couldn't decide between the tenders and the wings, so I ordered their WingNTender Combo ($23) with 1 lb. of wings, 3 tenders, 2 sides, and 3 sauces. I chose the Queso MacN Cheese and Spicy Carrots and Ranch as my sides. The mac was super creamy, but just a little too mild in flavor for my taste. I loved, loved the pickled carrots and what appeared to be house-made Ranch. For my sauces, I selected Lemon Pepper Buffalo, Ain't Nuthin but a G-Parm, and Rage Against the BBQ. Rage-Q was hands down my favorite, with quite a kick of heat to it. The Garlic Parm didn't have as much garlic flavor to it as I had hoped. It was nice and creamy but too subtle to stand up to the heavy spice of the chicken. I hated the Lemon Pepper Buffalo, like really hated it. The insanely bold black pepper flavor didn't work well with the intense seasoning on the chicken, in my opinion. With lots of other tempting sauces to choose from, I'd skip this one.

As I mentioned, the seasoning on the tenders and wings are not for the faint at heart (and kids may find them too bold). But we enjoyed it! The wings are also huge and meaty, and the tenders are large and moist. 

The only time that I think the seasoning worked against itself during our meal was with the toppings for the Chicka Chicka Parm sandwich ($12) with a garlic Parmesan toasted pretzel bun, chickNtenders, melted Provolone, sliced tomato, and spicy marinara. 

Mr. H felt the particular seasonings on the chicken didn't work as well with the classic Chicken Parmesan toppings, and that he probably would have liked either of the other two sandwiches a bit better. However, the chicken was thick and juicy and he liked the bun a lot. All sandwiches come with a side of cauli-greens. 

If you've been, what is your favorite sauce? I'd love to keep trying them, and buy a 12 oz. bottle ($6) for home.

They do have a small dine-in area. They feature local craft brews, which pair perfectly with fried chicken. Catering is available. Nothing was too alarming, but it wasn't the most COVID precautions-friendly place we've gotten takeout from. Social distancing wasn't enforced with the customers waiting for orders or moving around the restaurant, and only some staff were wearing masks.

120 Front Street
Berea, OH 44017
(440) 532-7660


bonnjill said...

We went there last year after the holiday lights, but my friend has a soy allergy and they fry in soybean oil. So we ended up down the street at the Cornerstone Brewery. As for sauces, I'm a Cleveland Gold fan,, but the Citrus BBQ is also quite nice.