Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Terrapin Bakery

Who doesn't love a morning stop at a local bakery? While ours are usually limited to weekends, we enjoy popping in for fresh pastries, bread to accompany some dish we're making at home, or breakfast to kickstart our day.

We didn't have to travel far from home recently to discover a new favorite, Terrapin Bakery.

Located on W. 14th Street in Tremont (closer to the circle by Steelyard Commons), street parking is free and we had no issue finding a spot right out front on a Sunday morning.

It is a small shop, so we waited outside for a bit as a few other customers got their orders (and the line grew after we went in, they clearly are popular). Long enough that I could stare in at their tempting case of sweets!
I was also greeted by racks of fresh donuts upon entering. Some of the flavors sounded so good, and more unusual than your basics. 
But, we were there for the Breakfast Sandwiches (inspired by our neighbor and friend Amanda's recent Instagram post). So they aren't actually listed on the website, but the shop has several different sandwiches to select from. All come on your choice of bagel or English muffin and with herbed cream cheese and cheddar. 

I had the Bacon and Egg on a Bagel. I appreciated that the bacon was crumbled so that it didn't slide out on bite one as it often can.
And Mr. H had the same (as they were out of Sausage that morning) but on an English Muffin.
Both were very good, as I did snag a bite of his as well. The muffin was almost biscuit-like.

We didn't sample anything else yet, but visit them for your cakes, cupcakes, donuts and other breakfast breads, cookies and bars, and other desserts. Just don't miss out on these yummy breakfast sandwiches while you're there!
3146 W. 14th Street
Cleveland, OH 44109
(216) 256-7915