Thursday, February 18, 2021

Dang Good Foods

These are not my favorite posts to write. When I have a disappointing experience at a restaurant, I drag my feet in sharing that with you. But, it's important to be authentic and real over here, and sometimes a spot just misses the mark for us. 

In the quest to complete my 2021 To Dine Challenge list, we headed to Dang Good Foods in Lakewood next. You can pre-order online (a huge bonus in these pandemic times), but can't schedule for a later pick-up (would be great!). So we ended up with a late lunch around 2:00PM one Saturday, because we were nervous about missing out on a featured item with limited quantity available.

We started with an order of the Steamed Buns (Set of 3, $10) with Pork.

Then split two dishes, the Lor Bak Png (Braised Pork Belly Rice) ($15)...
...and Wonton Mee (Dumpling Noodles, choice of Wet or Dry). Dry pictured. This is the dish that cannot always be found on the menu. Dry comes with the soup on the side, and Wet comes with everything in the broth.
We felt the same about all three dishes. They were all totally fine, but just fine. It wasn't a takeout issue, I assure you. I take that into account, and know that textures and quality of the food will decline in the trip home. Overall, they just lacked the bolder flavors that I was expecting. It was all prepared well, but fell bland for us. 

This is my first (I think?) experience with dishes from Singapore. So maybe the seasonings and sauces are intended to be more delicate than other Asian cuisines I've grown to love? I'd love for you to share your experience or insight.

But this meal did not leave us wanting more, sadly. Super cute little restaurant with a sweet story of how the owner started this business, so check it out for yourself. 

Dang Good Foods
13735 Madison Avenue
Lakewood, OH 44107
(216) 785-9321