Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Marchant Manor Cheese Shop

We first discovered locally-made Marchant Manor cheeses at Old Brooklyn Cheese Co. and Ohio City Provisions. Instantly, we were hooked. 

So we were over-the-moon when we heard that the maker, Kandice Marchant, was opening a cheese retail shop on the east side in 2021. We made it over to Lee Road this past weekend, and it was everything I had hoped for.
The inside is just charming (I mean don't those walls just look like creamy, decadent butter?!)...
...and FULL of all kinds of locally-produced goodies that complement cheese. We spotted some of our favorite crackers, rillettes, kimchi, and jams, just to name a few. Don't miss the curated snack plates of cheese that you can easily grab-and-go just inside the door. 
In addition to all kinds of treats to accompany your cheese, there's also a large cooler of other fine cheeses to select from. We spotted several of our favorite brands. 
But you are greeted by a cooler of Marchant Manor's cheeses first. Some of which we have grown to know and love, but there were several new ones for us to try as well. We picked up the PaneerThames HerbHigh Heaven Applejack-Washed, and Petersham Pollen Goat Cheese.
This isn't just a fantastic shop to pop into for your cheese board, date night platter, or girls' night in goodies. Check out some of the cheese-themed gifts for any hostess, birthday or holiday gift, or just to express your love of cheese in your home with quirky and practical items like boards, aprons, cookbooks, knives, and more. 
I fell madly in love with this shop, and while it's well worth the trip across town, I'm actually glad there's a bit of distance between us. Can I move in?

Run, don't walk to check this place out! The "Cheese Doctor" is in, and I need a prescription (read about her fascinating story here). 

2211 Lee Road
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118
(216) 860-1862