Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Resolution Update

In the back of my mind, I keep thinking about my 2010 New Year's Resolution to try 10 new specific restaurants in the Cleveland area. I just took a peek at the list that I posted in January, and I'm doing pretty well! Off to a good start, at least.

1. B-Spot - - - DONE
2. Ponte Vecchio - - - DONE
3. Tartine Bistro
4. Dante (headed there the first week in June)
5. Umami Asian Grill
6. Chinato
7. The Harp - - - DONE (look for the review later this week)
8. Blue Canyon Kitchen & Tavern
9. Bistro on Lincoln Park
10. Tinkers Creek Road Tavern

Any others that didn't make the original list that you think should be included?


Suzanne said...

I love Tartine and Chinato---let me know when you want to head there and I am IN!

Mel said...

Bistro at Lincoln Park is SO underrated! This restaurant is so fantastic -- great deal for amazing food and drink.

Alas, I lost my "restaurant list" when my iPhone took a dump this weekend. So, I'm starting over. :)

That said, I thought for some reason you already went to Tartine. Must have been another foodie...

Bite Buff said...

Suzanne- I'm in!

Mel- We tried and failed. We were headed there (I'm sure I tweeted about it), but when we arrived it was closed for a private party. I was so disappointed! We haven't been back since, but I am looking forward to trying it.

Kristin said...

i might have my rehearsal dinner at Bistro on Lincoln Park - I just need to go there to try it! I love the menu and the website though :)