Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It Was "Yumm"y

I was the lucky winner of two tickets to Stove Monkey's Yumm 2.0 event last night, thanks to Dave over at Live to Cook...At Home. Held at Mercury Lounge on West 6th Street in downtown Cleveland, the event featured molecular cocktails, courtesy of Mike Gulley, in addition to four crowd-pleasing molecular gastronomy-inspired dishes. This would be my first real experience with molecular gastronomy, and I was looking forward to it. Guests crowded around the three food stations as representatives crafted unique, bite-sized bursts of flavor and fun. The anticipation in the air was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. "R" and I were pretty pleased that my luck had turned and that I had won tickets to such a different event.

The four samplings were:
Liquid Nitrogen Poached Ice Cream – instantly flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen (think Dippin' Dots). This was probably my favorite of the evening (process pictured above).

Coconut Bubbles – (literally) bubbles that tasted like coconut, but then surprised you with a sweet and spicy finish.

Liquid Baked Potato – a frozen liquid that tasted just like a Baked Potato, infused with white truffle oil and rosemary, coated in flour, then tempura-fried and served with scallion aioli. The line was very long for this concoction!

Inside Out Deviled Egg – reversed Deviled Egg. This liquid version tasted just like the real thing!

It was an interesting and fun event to attend. Thanks Dave! Normally, just $10- it's a steal. Included with our ticket was a free taco from Cleveland's very own traveling food truck- Dim and Den Sum! The "fried chicken" taco was tasty, but the chicken gizzards (yes, gizzards) were a little too chewy for my taste. Dave- In response to your original blog post: This is now officially the weirdest thing that I've eaten! Keep your eyes peeled for another event- it's worth checking out.


AS said...

So was the molecular gastronomy totally amazing, or just different?


Bite Buff said...

Fun to watch and interesting samples, but the quality of the food was nothing outstanding. Just a unique experience.