Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Boardwalk Cafe

An undiscovered breakfast and lunch joint in Cleveland is called Andrea's Boardwalk Cafe on North Marginal Road. With Lake Erie literally outside their doorstep, easy access from I-90, friendly and quick service, close proximity to downtown, and above-average food- they should be more popular than I think they are.

I haven't had the opportunity to try any of their breakfast items, but if the quality of the lunch options is any indication- then I'm sure the morning fare is quite good.

My favorite sandwich is the home-made chicken salad. Your bread options include multi-grain, sourdough, and rye- all fresh, thick cut, and hearty. The multi-grain is my personal preference. Each sandwich is lightly grilled before being served, which is a nice touch. Diners can also decide between wraps, salads (huge, varied, and fresh), house-made soups, and a variety of side dishes and sweet treats. Each sandwich comes with a pickle and kettle chips, but you can easily substitute potato salad or coleslaw for the chips. I myself do not like kettle chips (key the boos and hisses), so I go for the coleslaw. I will warn you that the slaw does have a slight "fishy" flavor to it, so it is an acquired taste. Not the best that I've had, ok not even close. A sandwich, side dish, and large drink will run you about $8- a very fair price for the amount of food that you receive and the quality of their ingredients.

The food is always fresh and tasty, but the atmosphere is what really makes this place a great spot. The inside (pictured above) is cozy and inviting with small tables, comfortable leather couches and chairs, a roaring fireplace during the cold months, and windows that look out on to Lake Erie. During the spring and summer, diners have the option of eating outside on the small patio that runs along the side of the building. Immediately to your left is open water, and you can enjoy watching the lake and listening to the waves lapping against the pier as you dine. It is a great escape from the workday!

Andrea's Boardwalk Cafe
5455 N. Marginal Road
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 432-9730

*photo courtesy of Fox 8

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alexa @clevelandsaplum said...

i'm currently waiting for christina to come back to the office with my salad from boardwalk cafe, fyi.

Bite Buff said...

You can thank me for introducing it to her! :)

Bite Buff said...

Just a note- this restaurant has since closed. 2/22/11